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Dowsing Day 101 £15 - includes a free pendulum worth £10.00

Dowsing for Personal Development - An exploration of dowsing using pendulums and dowsing rods
Do you know that:that anyone can be taught to dowse?
Dowsing has a long history going back to around 6000 B.C.?
dowsing can be used to find other things besides water?
You can make your own dowsing rods using a few simple materials?
Dowsing offers a solution to the problem of food intolerance and is a easy way to find out which foods suit your body and which are harmful?
You can measure the extent of an aura with dowsing rods?
You can use dowsing to trace Earth Energies and monitor Geopathic Stress?
Come and join us for an afternoon of learning and practical experimentation to start your love affair with the pendulum and rods.
This workshop includes a pendulum to take home.